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What You Should Know Before Driving a Minibus

Are you planning to hire a minibus to transport your friends from one location to another? Read on and discover some of the things you need to be aware of before you start driving the hired vehicle.

Longer Braking Distances

The minibus is likely to be heavier than the personal car that you have been accustomed to driving. Its weight is likely to increase even further once your friends have boarded the minibus. That weight makes it harder for the vehicle to brake as quickly as your car can. You should, therefore, maintain a greater following distance so that you don't bump into the back of the vehicle ahead of you as you brake.

Wider Turning Circles

Another way in which driving the minibus is likely to differ from driving your car is when you consider how wide the circle when turning is. The minibus requires a wider radius to turn. Greater care is therefore needed when negotiating corners so that you don't scrape objects that are on the side of the road as you turn. Reduce the speed at which you are driving and ensure that there is ample room for that wider turning circle.

Overhead Hazards

The minibus may also be taller than your car. You need to take extra caution when you are driving in areas that may have overhead hazards, such as tree branches that are hanging low. You should also be careful about objects on the side of the road, such as road signs. This is because the minibus is wider than the car that you are used to driving and this added width may increase the risk of brushing against those objects.

Speed Limits

It is also helpful for you to establish what the speed limits for the minibus are in your area. This information is necessary because the limits for minibuses may be lower than those for personal cars on the different kinds of roads, such as dual-carriage and single-carriage roads. Familiarise yourself with those speed limits so that you don't violate any laws.

It is wise to test drive the minibus within the yard of the vehicle hire company so that you can get used to its different controls before you drive on public roads. You should also inspect the minibus carefully and note down any defects that it may have so that you avoid incurring fees and penalties for defects that hadn't been included in the vehicle inspection report as the minibus was handed over to you.