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Moving House: How to Reduce Your Removal Costs

The cost of moving house can be high regardless of the distance or size of the home. If you are not prepared and cautious, you might spend beyond the limits of your budget. However, your removal expenses do not have to be insurmountable. If you are diligent in your planning, you will find that there are multiple ways in which you can cut your costs. Here are some practical tips to help you get started on reducing your house removal expenses.

Declutter the Home

The cost of moving house will depend heavily on the number of items in your current home. Therefore, if you want to reduce your removal costs, you should make an effort to reduce the volume of property. In simple terms, you should trim down your belongings and get rid of items you do not need. You should check your storage spaces such as the garage and the attic. If you have items which you have not used for a while, you should dispose of them before your move. You can donate the items to charity, gift them to your close friends and family or sell them through local or online auctions. 

Pack Your Possessions

You should avoid hiring a company to pack your belongings if you would like to cut your removal expenses. In general, packing is a time-consuming process; the specialist removalists will charge significant fees for the work. This is particularly true for small items such as kitchenware, clothes and décor. You should acquire some packing boxes and begin the packing process as early as possible. You can start by packing up the rooms that you do not use frequently and work your way to the main spaces. If possible, you should dismantle your furniture before the moving day to minimise the work. This practice will ensure convenience and might even allow you to negotiate lower rates for removal.

Decide on DIY or Professional Removal

Finally, you should choose between DIY and professional removal. Both options have their merits, so your choice will depend on the circumstances of your move. DIY removal is inexpensive because you will not need to pay for expert labour. As a result, you can save significantly on the moving budget. However, you will need to dedicate more personal time to packing and loading your belongings. The total time required can translate into more rental fees for your moving vehicle and other financial inefficiencies. You should make a detailed comparison of the two options to ensure optimal results and maximum savings.