Packing, Moving and Storage

A quick guide for rookies in the removals industry: What you should know

If you're new to moving, understanding how things work can be a stressful process. You may be worried about finding the right moving company, how much it will cost, and how to plan for the most essential processes. To make things easier, here are 4 critical tips that will help you plan for a smooth move even if it's your first time.

Budgeting is key to a smooth move

The reality is that moving comes with many different costs that you should consider. In addition to the cost of your new home (such as rent or mortgage payments), you should also carefully plan for transportation costs, hiring a removalist, paying deposits for utility bills, and compensating any friends who may be willing to help.

A good idea is to write down as many expenses as possible and determine how much each will cost. When hiring a removalist, you should also ask for a clear and detailed quote that outlines all the expenses being charged.

Do your homework

The removalist you choose will have a big impact on your moving process. Furniture removalists will give you an accurate quote so you can budget accordingly, in addition to providing essential services such as loading/unloading, furniture removals, packing supplies, and many more. In fact, some companies can handle most aspects of your move and give you more time to settle comfortably in your new home.   

Have contingency measures in place (insurance)

As a first-time mover, you should be aware of how unpredictable the moving process can be. Having contingency measures can help you avoid unexpected costs and ease the stress associated with moving. For example, insuring your items during the move is an excellent way of avoiding losses due to damage.

Many removalists offer insurance plans to protect any of your items that they transport. This is an easy way of cushioning yourself from the cost of damaged items.

Inventory your items

As you begin packing your items for a move, you'll quickly realise that keeping track of everything can be challenging. An easy way of remaining organised is by having an inventory of all your items.

You can manually make a list or use mobile apps that provide useful templates to build from. Such apps also allow you to take pictures of delicate/expensive items. In this way, you'll keep track of your possessions more easily and avoid issues such as loss or damage.