4 Tips for Preparing to Move into a New Apartment

Living in an apartment complex comes with its own unique benefits. The home may be cost-effective, you'll be surrounded by neighbours (who can enhance security), and you may have access to amenities such as a gym or a swimming pool. However, moving into an apartment complex also requires careful planning. There are several factors you should consider in your new home before signing a lease or packing your items. 1. Check out the place and create an arrangement plan [Read More]

Choosing the Right Packaging Supplies for Keeping Glass Safe

Whether you're moving to a new home or you're restructuring your office, using self-storage as a stopgap while you decide what to do with individual items is a reliable way to keep goods safe. When those goods include glasses, you need to take extra care towards ensuring they don't crack or fracture. With the right packaging supplies, you can make sure each item enters and leaves your storage unit in one piece. [Read More]

Selective Downsizing: Moving Into Your Partner's Home

There are many milestones in a relationship. There is the first time you kiss, the first time you tell someone you love them, the first time you meet their parents, when you move in together and perhaps eventually a stroll down the aisle. While these are all significant events, there is one that can truly change your life. Can you guess which one? Sure, marriage is going to change your life, but at the same time, there's something that generally happens before that, something that can drastically alter your home life. [Read More]

4 Things To Do Before You Move To Another City

So you've finally landed your dream job but it's in another city? While the move can be a tad intimidating, it's also probably one of the most exciting things you could do – especially because you get to do what you've wanted for a long time. Packing up and moving interstate requires careful consideration. Make sure you choose a good interstate removalist and plan these things before you move to another city. [Read More]