Packing, Moving and Storage

5 Benefits of Using Furniture Removalist Services

Determining what tasks to handle on your own and which to hire out is one of the more difficult tasks when planning your move. If you have fine furniture, antiques or other large household items that require special care, then one of those tasks that benefits from professional help is furniture removal.

1. Packing Skills

Professional movers bring professional skills and training to the process. Further, they also have access to the correct types of packing materials and know when to use them. For example, some items, like mattresses, should be carefully sealed in plastic to prevent moisture issues while moving, while wooden furniture may require materials that allow air circulation so the wood doesn't warp or suffer temperature shocks. 

2. Speciality Items

Not all furniture is created equal, as some pieces may require special preparation before being moved, as well as extra caution during the actual removal process. For example, pianos can become damaged quite easily if they aren't properly prepared and transported. It makes sense to hire a professional removal company that has the training and knowledge to handle any speciality items you may have. 

3. Safe Transport

Furniture damage during a move tends to occur during transport. Although proper packing greatly minimises the chances of transport damage, care must also be taken during the actual move. Professionals will utilise every tool at their disposal to safely carry the item, including hand trucks, lifting belts and extra manpower as needed. Then, caution is taken in the actual vehicle to tie down and pad your furniture so it doesn't shift around as it is transported. 

4. Storage Options

Not every move is straightforward. Sometimes you may need to temporarily store your furniture if your new home isn't quite ready to move into fully. In this case, look for a removalist service that provides storage options. These tend to fall into one of two categories: those that have their own on-site storage and those that will contract with a storage service to house your furniture until you are ready to complete your move. 

5. Onsite Assembly

Many furniture items are moved in one piece so assembly isn't a concern. For larger items and some flatpack furniture types, it's both easier and less damaging to take the furniture apart before moving. In this case, a removalist service that also provides onsite assembly can save you a lot of headaches and ensure your furniture is put back together without damage.

Contact a furniture removalist service if you are planning to move soon.