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Tips To Help Avoid Complications For Your Furniture Removalist

Furniture removalists can help you relocate to a new home without having to risk injuring yourself. With their experience, they know how to shift items with the least chance of damage. A removalist company usually charges for the time it takes to finish the job, so it's important to make things as straightforward as possible. To avoid delays and complications, here are several tips.

Measure Doorways

One thing you probably don't want to pay for is having the contractors struggle to get a furniture piece past a doorway. They may have to try angling it this way and that to find a solution, especially down steps and through narrow hallways. You can avoid this issue by measuring the doorways, compact rooms and large furniture items beforehand. A solution that could work is to take the doors off some rooms. You might find that the back doorway is wider and more suitable for various appliances.

Disassemble Furniture

Large pieces of furniture, like beds and tables with protruding legs, are tricky to get around corners. And, with the legs intact, they take up a lot of room in the removal truck, which can necessitate extra trips. To make it easier for the contractors to move and load these things, remove the legs if they can be unscrewed or easily taken off. You could also disconnect the bedhead. If you have multiple beds, the base and bed heads can be stacked in the truck (using protective blankets), and the legs can be bundled and wrapped to fit snuggly in a tight spot. Bookcases are often disassembled. You should at least remove any loose shelves so they don't get damaged.

Create A Safe Path

Removalists will have the equipment, such as straps and dollies, to shift heavy things so they don't injure themselves. You can do your bit to ensure they and you are safe by creating a pathway free of obstacles. Lift rugs and other obstructions inside. Look around the outside of your property, too. You don't want a removalist to trip over potted plants that frame the front door.

If you have cleaning implements like brooms and brushes, clear them away as well. You may notice that the driveway or path has rain puddles, and you can brush the water away with an outdoor broom. This will save your items from being accidentally dropped, getting wet and possibly being damaged. Plus, the removalists are less likely to slip.