Packing, Moving and Storage

Time-saving moving tips

Moving into a new home is an exciting time full of possibilities, but it can also be very stressful, especially when you're struggling to fit moving activities into a busy schedule. To make your house move more efficient, try some of these time-saving strategies. 

Reduce before packing

Nothing's more frustrating than packing something for your move only to throw it out when you arrive. Before you even start packing, have a clear-out. Get rid of books you're never going to read (or never going to read again), clothes you don't wear any more, and anything else that's just going to take up space in your new home. You should also avoid packing things you're going to need as soon as you arrive -- instead, create a kit of necessities and put it in an overnight bag so that it doesn't get mixed up with ordinary packing. 

Pack clothes in bulk

To save time packing clothes on hangers, use bin bags to protect them. Press clothes together while still on their hangers, then slide the bag over them as a protective covering. Slide another bag on from the other direction if your clothes aren't covered completely. The resulting plastic-covered pile isn't elegant, but it's easy to move and easy to simply hang up again when you arrive. 

Load up on packing material

A productive evening's packing can really be spoiled by running out of packing materials, so get a good supply from the beginning. You can get bubble wrap and boxes from office supply stores or directly from your removal service. You can also often find extra cardboard boxes free from local shops, who will otherwise simply be throwing them away. 

Use your camera

Packing for a move means taking apart a lot of things that usually stay together, from the complex network of cables and wires behind your television to the pieces that go together to make a table or bookshelf. If you're worried you won't be able to reconnect the pieces, simply take a photograph before you start unscrewing or unplugging. When you arrive, you can use it as a reference to put things back together. 

Talk to your movers

On move day, you don't want any surprises, so talk to a removal service, like Atkins Removals & Storage Pty Ltd, about what you can expect beforehand. For instance, there may be some types of items that they won't carry, such as hazardous materials or items over a certain value. You'll want to know these restrictions before you actually begin your move.