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Why You Should Pack Your Items in Plastic Containers And Not Carton Boxes

Packaging your household items is a critical task when you are moving. This is because it ensures that your goods will be safely transported and delivered to your new house or office. While moving, you have the option of packing your items in plastic containers or carton boxed. Below are reasons why you should request the moving company to pack your items in plastic containers.

Safeguards your items from external impacts

There are chances that your items will knock against each other during the transportation process. When this happens, the impact can easily penetrate through carton boxes, which causes damage to the items inside. An example is when a carton box full of vehicle spares is placed next to a carton box with kitchen utensils. When the trucks make an emergency stop, the box with spares can be pushed into the box with utensils, causing them to break. Such a loss can be very costly. However, if your items are packed in plastic containers, the contents of one container cannot damage what is in other boxes. This prevents any inconveniences that arise from damaged household goods when you are moving.


Plastic containers protect your household items from getting in contact with water, therefore, preventing any damage. Carton boxes will absorb water, and the result is that items in them will get wet. An example is when the lid of a water bottle becomes loose during transportation. If this water bottle was placed next to a carton box containing electronic items, the water will seep in and damage these items. This is impossible if your electronic gadgets had been placed in plastic containers.

Can carry more items

Carton boxes can only carry a limited amount of items. Once you start to exceed the capacity, the box will start protruding outwards, and it can tear. This is dangerous when you have delicate items such as glass vases that can easily break. To prevent such incidences, you can use plastic containers which can hold more items. In this case, you can add materials until the container is full to the brim without worrying about whether it will fall apart. Additionally, once the lid has been properly fastened, you are sure that the lid cannot fall off.

For additional safety, you can add soft materials to the sides of the plastic containers. This reduces the possibility that delicate items which have been stored in these containers will be damaged when the truck comes across bumps on the road.