Packing, Moving and Storage

3 Mutually Beneficial Ways to Satisfy a Tenant Who Wants to Remove Your Furniture

When one of your tenants suddenly decides that they want to replace your furniture with their own, you could simply refuse. After all, the tenancy agreement has been signed. Thus, you are not obligated to accept their request. To do so would leave you burdened with a heap of homeless furniture.

However, you might be able to benefit from this situation. For instance, if the chairs in the rented property are uncomfortable for the current tenant, it is in your best interest to replace them anyway. But then there is the issue of storage. Where do you put the furniture that is to be replaced? Fortunately, there are several win-win solutions to this problem.

Allow the Tenant to Purchase the Furniture

If your tenant wants to put their own furniture into your rental property, it probably means they'll be around for a good while longer. However, if you are unwilling to compromise, they may no longer have faith in you as a landlord.

Instead, offer to sell them the furniture. Once it is theirs, they can do whatever they like with it and then move their own furniture into your place. They'll be happy and you'll have made some money that might come in handy when purchasing new furniture in future.

Accept on the Condition That the New Furniture Stays

When a tenant wants to go out and buy their own furniture, you could allow them to do so on the condition that when they eventually leave, the furniture stays. If they agree, you can even go shopping together and purchase furniture that you both like.

This way, they get the kind of furniture and living arrangements they prefer, and you get some new furniture.

Have the Tenant Pay for Storage

If the furniture is in good condition and you wish to keep it for future use, agree to remove it on the condition that the tenant pays the storage fee. Although this will mean that they pay more per month, this solution ensures that everyone wins.

Ensure that you choose a furniture storage service that is easily accessible, in case you need to get to the furniture in future. You could even opt for portable storage, which would allow you to keep the furniture either on your property or the rental property.

Finding and keeping a good tenant is not always easy. That's why it might be in your best interest to compromise whenever possible. If all else fails, paying for storage yourself might be the best way to ensure that you keep a good tenant happy and loyal.