Packing, Moving and Storage

Simple Storage Unit Tips

Whether you're housing business inventory, making room for excess belongings or just temporarily keeping things safe while you're in the process of moving, a self-storage unit is a great way to keep your items secure. Before you move your items into storage, however, follow these simple steps to prepare. 

Pack securely

Most of your items, including books, dishes and clothes, should go either in sealed plastic storage boxes or in sturdy cardboard boxes. Your storage centre may be able to supply you with cardboard moving boxes if you run out. Be careful not to overload these boxes or leave them half-empty, making them vulnerable to crushing. Begin each box with a layer of heavy items, such as books, and fill the rest of the box with something lighter and softer, such as clothes or bedding. This will help keep boxes firm without making them too heavy to carry safely. Pack fragile items securely in layers of bubble wrap or other packing material; if you have items with sharp edges, wrap them securely before packing them.

Label clearly 

Mark each box with a short description of its contents in permanent marker. Think about how you're going to store your boxes and label accordingly: a label on the top of the box won't be much use if you're going to stack boxes on top of each other, for instance. In addition to boxes, you should label furniture you've taken apart. Mark different parts of the same item, such as shelves, drawers or table legs, with a strip of coloured electrician's tape or a similar easy-to-remove tag. This will help you find the pieces you need quickly when you're reassembling items after your move. 

Leave room for air

Keeping your items in top condition means letting air circulate within your storage unit. To facilitate this, leave a small gap between storage boxes and the walls of the space. If possible, raise your boxes and other items off the floor by storing them either on shipping pallets or on shelves. Well-ventilated storage units help keep the belongings in them fresh and free from damp. 

Organise your space

When placing items in your storage unit, consider how you'll be retrieving them. Keep items you'll be accessing frequently close to the entrance; if you need to pull items from storage boxes, make sure you can get into them from the front and don't have to move a stack of boxes every time you want something. Visualising your future use of the storage unit will make organising it easier, using it simpler, and moving in and out of it quicker.