Packing, Moving and Storage

Choosing the Right Packaging Supplies for Keeping Glass Safe

Whether you're moving to a new home or you're restructuring your office, using self-storage as a stopgap while you decide what to do with individual items is a reliable way to keep goods safe. When those goods include glasses, you need to take extra care towards ensuring they don't crack or fracture. With the right packaging supplies, you can make sure each item enters and leaves your storage unit in one piece.

Choose to store everything in small-to-medium sized boxes

Although packing items into large boxes seems like a logistically wise idea, this isn't the case when it comes to glass. Glass is heavy, which means a large box will soon feel overloaded. If that happens, there's a greater risk of it collapsing or of you dropping it. Similarly, the cardboard may encounter tears, which places the glasses at risk while they're in storage.

Using a small-to-medium sized box eliminates the risk of this happening. Even if you do head down this route, try to avoid the temptation that comes with stuffing lots of glasses into one box to avoid them becoming too heavy and tearing. Instead, fill the space using tissue paper.

Use bubble wrap to your advantage

While many people traditionally use newspaper to keep their glasses safe when using self-storage, this can result in lots of unwanted cleaning afterwards. Newspaper works well when you're not storing glass items long-term, as the print doesn't have much of a chance to transfer onto the surface. However, over time, a lack of cleaning can lead to stains you'll struggle to remove. 

A good alternative is to buy bubble wrap, stuff balls into the glasses, and wrap them around the outside. In addition to doing all the work that a newspaper does, it's reusable and it won't cause as much mess.

Make the most of void fill chips

If you're storing glass items that feature decorative embellishments such as staining, they could lose their shine over time if you don't protect them against humidity. One of the best packaging materials you can use to protect against this is void fill chips. In addition to providing cushioning, these styrofoam chips will absorb moisture from the surrounding air, preventing unexpected damp from affecting your glasses' decor.

With a combination of the right materials and careful packing techniques, you can leave glass items in your self-storage unit for months on end. When the time comes to remove them, you should find that they're still in one piece.