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4 Tips for Preparing to Move into a New Apartment

Living in an apartment complex comes with its own unique benefits. The home may be cost-effective, you'll be surrounded by neighbours (who can enhance security), and you may have access to amenities such as a gym or a swimming pool.

However, moving into an apartment complex also requires careful planning. There are several factors you should consider in your new home before signing a lease or packing your items.

1. Check out the place and create an arrangement plan

Apartment floor plans tend to vary significantly. Some may have a spacious living room, while others may have a much smaller kitchen than what you have now. Before planning your move, carefully check out the new apartment and design a furniture arrangement plan.

You may even take measurements of the floor space to determine which specific items can fit inside your new home. If your couch will be too big for the new space, consider selling it and buying a smaller one before moving. Preparing in advance will reduce the unnecessary stress of having furniture not fitting in your new home.

2. Is the apartment secure?

Another important factor you should consider is security. Inquire about how safe the neighbourhood is, and the specific steps your apartment complex takes to keep individual units secure.

For example, the main door that leads to each individual building should be locked at all times- and only residents should have access. There should also be an emergency security response in the event that a threat emerges.

3. How accessible is the apartment entrance?

While an extra set of stairs may seem like a workout during daily living, moving your items up these stairs will prove to be quite stressful. Visit the apartment in advance and consider how accessible the place is. If the stairs are narrow and unstable, you may have to inform your movers in advance.

Some of your items (such as a classic piano or a large cabinet) may need to be moved using a balcony lift. Mark the specific items that will need special attention and share this information with your household removalist.

4. Proper timing is key

If your apartment complex is busy, you may need to properly time your move to avoid unnecessary stress. For example, moving on a weekday may be less cumbersome than moving during the weekend. A weekday move will give you more time and space to unload your items in peace.