Packing, Moving and Storage

Packing securely for your move

Whether you're preparing belongings to go to your new home or packing them up for transfer to a storage unit, good packing and preparation are essential to keeping them safe. Follow these simple steps to make sure that your possessions stay in the best possible condition. 

Use plenty of padding

Padding in your moving boxes helps prevent chips and dents, but it serves another function as well: it holds items within your boxes in place, preventing them from moving around in shipping and possibly being damaged. Make sure that the empty spaces in your boxes are filled with lightweight packing material. You can use crumpled newspaper, but be aware that the ink may transfer. Alternatively, you may be able to get packaging supplies from your moving or storage firm.

Wrap furniture securely

Large items of furniture such as tables and desks are vulnerable to scratching during transport. To protect them, wrap them in furniture pads or blankets. The soft material will help keep them safe. You can use your own bedding, attaching it securely with plastic wrap, but you have to accept that the move will leave it dusty and dirty. As an alternative, you can get special furniture blankets; as with other packing, you may be able to get this from your moving firm. 

Don't overload

Cardboard storage boxes are a handy way to transport your items, but if they get too heavy, they can be vulnerable to splitting. Filling a box completely with heavy items such as books or dishes risks collapse. Instead, mix different kinds of items together. For instance, fill the bottom layer of a moving box with books while packing the rest of the box with lighter objects such as bedding or cushions. 

Use special carriers

Some items really benefit from special carriers. For example, the cardboard holders used for wine bottles are a great way to transport larger glasses, either by themselves or inside a larger moving box. Other items that can benefit from special packaging include hats, mirrors, dishes and more. 

Label clearly 

Whether you're handing your boxes over to a moving firm or dealing with them yourself, you'll need to label your boxes clearly. Mark each box with a short list of its contents in permanent marker. If you're putting your boxes into storage, keep a marker in the storage unit so you can update the lists if necessary. Knowing what's in each box and where it's supposed to go will make the moving process smooth and easy. Like most things, a successful move is all in the preparation. With the right plan and the right materials, you'll be able to get everything smoothly and safely to their destination.