Packing, Moving and Storage

Three Tips To Make Your Move Environmentally Friendly

Moving house takes a lot of resources, both in terms of packing materials and the transport needed to get your belongings from point A to point B. As someone who is very environmentally conscious and who is about to move house, you are wondering how to tackle this task without having a massive impact on Mother Earth. Here are four environmentally friendly tips to help you on your upcoming moving day.

Recycle Packaging Materials

You know that trees are cut down to make paper and cardboard, so how do you pack in an environmentally friendly way? One of the first things to do is to reuse moving boxes rather than purchase new ones. Or better still, hire them if you can. Some moving companies offer a box hire option, so check to see if your furniture removalist has this service. If they do not, then look for used packing boxes through online marketplace sellers or your local buy/sell group. Alternatively, visit local furniture stores and supermarkets and ask for their discarded boxes. Visit the local newsagent to ask for unsold newspapers as this can be used as free wrapping material. Reusing material means fewer new boxes are being produced.

Be Ready On Moving Day

When moving day rolls around, you want to reduce the emissions produced by both the moving truck and your car as much as possible. Therefore, you must be fully prepared and packed for the day so that there is only one load in the truck and one load in the car. If you are only half-packed and you have to do multiple loads with your car to clear out the house, then your car is contributing to air pollution for the day. Being fully prepared and ready to go means less vehicle emissions in the air.

Truck Sharing

If you only have a small home, then your belongings may not fill a large truck. Since the truck is going to be out on the road anyway, talk to your removalist about the option of sharing the truck with another small household moving on the same day. If the truck only needs to make one trip to deliver two loads to their respective houses, then it reduces the amount of vehicle emissions released into the air.

When every person thinks about their daily actions and how they impact the earth, then every small step of change made reduces that person's impact. These three tips help you to move in an environmentally friendly way, and every little choice counts.

For more information, reach out to furniture removalists near you.