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How To Prepare A Couch For Moving Into Storage

Moving house is a stressful time for any householder, but when your furniture needs to be placed into a storage facility for a while, then the stress level rises. When any furniture is going into storage, it is important that it is carefully prepped and then packed so it is ready for its time in a storage facility. A couch is not an object which fits easily into a box, so follow these steps to ensure your couch is still in great shape after it has been stored.

Careful Cleaning

Despite best intentions when a couch is first purchased, it is not long before snacks are being consumed while movie watching takes place. However, all the crumbs from those snacks need to go somewhere, and they end up being lodged between the cushions of the couch seats. The problem with a couch being put into storage without being cleaned carefully is that those crumbs could become food for rodents, and you certainly don't want those being attracted to your storage shed. Be sure to thoroughly vacuum between the cushions and under the couch to ensure no crumbs remain. Secondly, be sure to spot clean any stains on the couch so that these don't permanently set in the fabric. You can spot clean a couch using products found in the cleaning aisle of your supermarket.

Plastic Wrap

Once the couch is clean and fully dry, the next step is to wrap it in a heavy-duty plastic wrap. There are several reasons for doing this, which include:

  1. Keeping moisture off the couch fabric, which could rot the material if left unnoticed
  2. Preventing mould spores from landing on the couch fabric, which would grow into mildew if left unchecked.

Your furniture removalist likely has rolls of plastic wrap available for purchase, and they can also wrap up the couch for you before it goes onto the removal truck if you organise this additional service before moving day.

Moving Blankets

Finally, it is important your couch is protected from bumps and scratches while in the truck, so ask your furniture removalist to wrap it in moving blankets on moving day. These are draped around the couch and secured in place with shipping tape. The purpose of these blankets is to stop the couch legs from  being scratched or the couch fabric from being torn if it rubs up against another piece of furniture while in transit to the storage facility.

If you have any concerns about preparing your couch for its move into storage, be sure to discuss your concerns with your furniture removalist.