Packing, Moving and Storage

Last-Minute Removal Tips

Moving your home can be a nerve-racking experience. It is especially so if you are in a hurry to move out. The excerpt below discusses some last-minute removal preparation tips.

Contact An Experienced Removalist

Check the internet or seek referrals to identify reputable removalists in your locality. Inquire about the removalist's availability. Most removalists understand customer needs and will, therefore, tailor the service to ensure the process does not stress you out. For example, since it may be challenging to conduct a home inspection, the professional may ask you to take photos of your home to help them determine the number of personnel and type of equipment needed to execute the move. The removalist will also ask you to secure parking for the removals truck. 

Most removalists do not transport fragile and valuable items such as sensitive documents, cash, jewellery and paintings. As such, your removalist may refer you to a reputable courier company that can transport such items. 

Home Preparations

Prepare your home for removals. It ensures the removalist has an easy time packing and loading your items. Below are some tips: 

  • Remove edibles in your fridge and freezer. You will also need to defrost the equipment.
  • Declutter the house to get rid of worn-out clothes, broken furniture and electronics.
  • Clear the corridors and walkways in your home. Remember, everything will be done in a hurry. As such, removals staff could trip over a potted plant or small piece of furniture on your corridor.
  • If you live in a flat, request the property manager to notify your neighbours that you intend to move. They could ask them to avoid specific elevators or hallways once the removalist arrives.   

Personal Items

Pack a box of essential items you may need before unpacking your items. These may include baby diapers, snacks, water and toiletries. If you have a pet, determine a suitable means of transport. For example, you could purchase a cage to prevent them from panicking during transport. 

Urgent Removals and COVID 19

Remember to observe safety as you conduct your last minute removals. Wear masks and keep social distancing during the move. Besides, ask the removalist to disinfect the removals truck in advance. Vulnerable individuals such as those with chronic diseases, small kids and senior adults should isolate themselves once removals begin. Remember to disinfect your items once you arrange them on your new premises.  

Do not attempt to move without removals insurance. Most removalists will provide the policy. Besides, you could use online tools to apply for the cover. 

For more information, contact a removals service.