Packing, Moving and Storage

How Self-Storage Can Help With Your House Move

Planning to move house any time soon? Moving house can be a time-consuming and stressful job, but the good news is, there is help out there.

Self-storage facilities offer storage units you can use to ensure a much smoother moving process. Check out how renting a self-storage unit can help make your move so much easier. 

Helps with staging your home for sale.

If you're moving out and need to sell your current home, home staging can help get it off the market fast and at the highest price possible. To turn your home into a gorgeous showroom for potential homebuyers, you'll need to reduce the number of items in your house.

For example, clearing your kitchen benchtops and cabinets can help reveal the storage potential of your kitchen space. Removing personal items such as wedding photos, pieces of artwork, and hunting trophies from your walls can make it easier for prospective buyers to visualise living in your home, as they can see themselves adorning the walls with their own personal items.

Renting a self-storage unit ensures you have a secure place to store items you don't need for your home staging. This way, you can easily put up a show that gets your home off the market quickly and at the price you want.

Allows you to pack your stuff in stages rather than in one go.

Have too much stuff to pack before moving out? Packing everything at once can be overwhelming, which is why you should work one room at a time. 

With a self-storage unit available, you can pack one room at a time and move the boxes to the storage unit to get them out of the way. This way, you won't feel that there's still so much packing to do.

You can call in the movers once everything but the bare essentials has been packed up and ready for the move. This helps avoid the panic of packing in a rush on moving day.

Gives you plenty of time and room to organise your new home.

With all your stuff packed in a self-storage unit, you can figure out how you want to use each room and unpack in stages. All you have to do once you've cleaned your new home is to bring in the boxes the in stages, starting with the boxes containing items for the most essential rooms of the home.

Self-storage can make your house move a lot easier and less stressful in many ways. Contact a storage facility near you to discuss your needs and situation.