Packing, Moving and Storage

How to Save Removals Costs

Most people think that it is expensive to move their homes. However, this does not have to be the case. Read this article for some tips on how you can reduce your house removal costs. 

Compare Quotes

As a rule, you should compare quotes from a few reputable removalists. It will help you understand the industry pricing. Other than the standard charges, you should also examine hidden and extra fees. For example, some removalists will charge more if you live in a storey building. Do not go for the cheapest removalist. Instead go for a reasonably priced removalist that is experienced, licenced and accredited by professional bodies. 

Consider a Self-Move

A self-move is an arrangement where the removalist hires out the removals van to his or her clients. Below are considerations to make when executing self-removals: 

  • You must be a trained and experienced driver. Otherwise, you could cause an accident.
  • Declutter your home to reduce the number of items you will move.
  • Use manuals to dismantle your furniture. Protect your electronics using bubble wrap and blankets.
  • Create a removals plan detailing the route you will take and the stops you will make. If the removalist charges per hour, use the shortest possible route.
  • Ask for the removalist's help if you have bulky and fragile items such as grand pianos and antiques.
  • You do not have to purchase new cartons. Instead, buy used cartons from E-commerce websites. 

Use Portable Storage Containers

Portable storage containers will help you reduce the costs of packing and unpacking your goods. The containers can also serve as temporary storage when moving into a smaller or incomplete house. Assess your items to determine the size of the container. Additionally, inspect the container for pests and dangerous chemicals. Besides, the container's locking mechanism should be fully functional. 

Avoid Penalties

Check the removalist's terms to avoid removal fines. For example, most removalists will penalise you if you cancel your booking. You will also incur penalties if you are not available on the removals day or if you change the removals route. When moving to another country, inquire about prohibited items. For example, pest-infested furniture could attract severe fines. 

Move During The Low Season

Removal costs fluctuate depending on the demand for removal services. Most people move during the summer and weekends. As such, you will pay more if you decide to move during these periods. Save removal costs by moving during the weekdays and cold months. Besides, take advantage of discount coupons and negotiate the removal costs. 

Removals should no longer be expensive. Compare removal quotes, consider a self-move, use portable storage containers, avoid penalties or move during the low season. Learn more by contacting furniture removal services.