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How to Conduct an Interstate Move

Do you intend to relocate to another state? Interstate removals can be stressful. Read this guide for some expert tips on how to conduct an interstate move successfully. 

1. Planning 

Finding an experienced removalist is one of the most critical preparation activities as you plan an interstate move. You should consider a few things when hiring a removalist. First, the removalist should be experienced and licenced to conduct interstate moves. Ask for a licence and check client reviews on their website and social media pages.

The removalist should have the equipment required to move your home or office. For instance, you could need forklifts or telehandlers to load and offload oversized equipment and tow trucks to move your boat, sports bike, or classic car. You should also consider removalists that offer additional services such as backloading, temporary storage, and cleaning your premises. 

Once you narrow down your options, ask them about their availability. Interstate removals could take more than one day. As such, ensure that the removalist is available. If they can work with you, ask them to visit your home. The visit will help the removalist choose a truck to transport your items. They will also appraise your household items to determine the amount of removals insurance you need. 

2. Execution 

A few days before the move, contact the removalist and confirm when they will arrive at your home. Besides, inquire about your responsibilities. For example, the removalist could ask you to find removal cartons and provide manuals to dismantle furniture. If you live in an apartment, you could ask other tenants to avoid specific staircases or elevators. It ensures the removalist has an easy time loading your items. Besides, it helps prevent accidents. 

Once the removalist arrives at your home, take him around and show him how you would want your items packed. For instance, you would prefer essentials packed in separate boxes to ensure you can resume your routine before unpacking everything. 

Your removalist will advise on an appropriate route. To save on time, they could opt to avoid busy urban areas or roads with a lot of traffic. Inform them of any stops that you intend to make before arriving at your destination. Additionally, give the removalist a brief of your new house. For instance, does it have sufficient parking? Are the entrances large enough? Is it a storey building? This information will help the removalist determine whether they require additional staff or equipment at the destination. 

Conducting a move should no longer be stressful if you observe the recommended preparation and execution tips. To get started, contact interstate removal services.