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Tips for Proper Utilization of a Self Storage Unit

A self-storage unit can be of great help when you need more space to keep your items secure. But you can quickly lose the management convenience of storage units if you fail to properly organise your items.

A well-organized storage unit saves time and keeps your commodities in good condition, as it minimises chances of damage. ​Here are a few easy-to-implement tips that will help you maximise your space and keep your items in the best condition while under storage.

Create a Master Layout

Write down a detailed description of the layout of your packages inside the storage unit. The layout will help you find what you need within a short time. If you are storing just a few boxes, you might remember what's inside if you have a detailed layout.

If you want to get more sophisticated with the process, you can use helpful apps to get started. These apps allow you to scan barcodes affixed to storage boxes and then sort them by category. They can even give you a visual representation of your storage unit layout.

You can also organise your storage space and group your items by category according to their importance or usage frequency. Come up with a layout such that the most frequently used items are stored near the entrance.

The less frequently used items should go further back to allow easier accessibility. But make sure that any fragile items or valuable pieces are packed securely and placed on sturdy shelves so they don't get damaged.

Clean and Package Your Materials Properly

Ensure you clean every item before you put it in self-storage to keep off bugs, mould and dust. These things can lead to severe damage over time. For kitchen items, clean them with a degreaser so no food traces remain. This step will prevent mould growth on these items. In addition, clean any soft furnishings with a fabric cleaner to keep dust and odours away.

Even if you plan to store the items for just a short period, you still need to pack them properly so they don't sustain damage. Use sturdy boxes that won't collapse when stacked on top of each other. Also, fill any gaps inside with packing paper, foam peanuts or bubble wrap.

You can also use plastic bins instead of cardboard boxes to protect the items against moisture. And if any of the items are particularly valuable, place them in airtight containers. If you have electronic appliances that you aim to store for a long time, unplug them and wrap their cords around them. The precaution will keep the appliances free from any electrical problems and keep them in good condition throughout the storage period.

An organised self-storage unit can make things very easy for you in the long run. Implement these tips for a wonderful self-storage experience!

For more information on self-storage, contact a company near you.